Summer Show

Our 2022 Summer Show

Celebrate the Summer With Us!

Our Patrons arrive any time after 5:30 pm (12 noon Sundays) to enjoy a “country fair” on our farm yard!

Patrons purchase their meals from any of the 4 food booths (cash only) that are run by local caterers out of the quaint carriage barn on our yard.

There’s live old-tyme music being played while you sit back and enjoy an evening out on the farm.

The show starts at 7:30 pm (2:00 pm Sundays) in our Barn-turned-theatre!

sunshine express play

"Sunshine Express" (June 15th thru June 19th, 2022)

A middle-aged couple have received a free trip to Florida for a two-week vacation.  The catch is they are traveling by motor coach with “Charlie Cheedle’s Charters” who cater to an “older clientele”. Besides them, the youngest travelers are twice their own age.

What makes this show so endearing and incredibly funny, is that it is so true. With each scene you will recognize someone you know, like your grandparents, your parents, your neighbours, and friends. In fact, you may even recognize yourselves!

This show will have you rolling in the aisles and smiling all the way home.

You might even want to give “Charlie Cheedle’s Charters” a call to book a trip yourselves!

This story is a celebration of life, no matter what age you are. And couldn’t we all use a little celebration these days?!

Show Dates:

Fall Concert

to be announced show

Christmas Dinner Theatre