Summer Show

Our 2024 Summer Show

Celebrate the Summer With Us!

Our Patrons arrive any time after 5:30 pm (12 noon Sundays) to enjoy a “country fair” on our farm yard!

Patrons purchase their meals from any of the 4 food booths (cash only) that are run by local caterers out of the quaint carriage barn on our yard.

There’s live old-tyme music being played while you sit back and enjoy an evening out on the farm.

The show starts at 7:30 pm (2:00 pm Sundays) in our Barn-turned-theatre!

My passion for community theatre started over 30 years ago when we started The Barn Playhouse. I was 31 when we opened with Charlotte’s Web. This year I will be turning 65! As I ponder what the next years will bring for me, I want to revive Charlotte’s Web one last time, but with a twist! The “Little Drama Club” from last year’s June play will be back to tackle this great farmyard classic, Zuckerman’s Famous Pig at The Little Café. Once again, I get to do a little writing myself! As they say, “write what you know”, and what I know is rural community theatre. The storyline will draw in actors from the local coffee shop, the janitorial crew at the local elementary school, and even the gas station. This small group of fun-loving drama enthusiasts will put their hearts and souls into producing one of the greatest stories of friendship ever written. And it all takes place in a Barn!

Show Dates:

to be announced show

Fall Concert

to be announced show

Christmas Dinner Theatre