Summer Show

Our 2023 Summer Show

Celebrate the Summer With Us!

Our Patrons arrive any time after 5:30 pm (12 noon Sundays) to enjoy a “country fair” on our farm yard!

Patrons purchase their meals from any of the 4 food booths (cash only) that are run by local caterers out of the quaint carriage barn on our yard.

There’s live old-tyme music being played while you sit back and enjoy an evening out on the farm.

The show starts at 7:30 pm (2:00 pm Sundays) in our Barn-turned-theatre!

“Tevye and His Daughters at the Little Café”. Written and adapted by Vickie Dyck. In the heart of rural Saskatchewan lies the “Little Café”, a space for the local drama club to rehearse their annual play. Even though the club is small, they are determined to put on a big show. If they are creative enough and think outside the box, they just might be able to pull it off. With quick costume changes, club members assume one, or two, or even three different characters, and sometimes they even hijack a couple of coffee row customers to join them on stage! Determined to produce one of her all-time favourite stories, the club’s director has chosen, “Tevye and His Daughters”, based on the collection of stories told in the Broadway hit, “Fiddler on the Roof”. In these original stories by Sholem Alecheim, Tevye and his family live in a small Jewish community on the Steppes of Russia in 1910. As tradition demands, Tevye must find a good match for each of his seven daughters. However, the girls have ideas of their own, and all does not go according to Tevye’s plan. As the stories of the Little Café drama club and Tevye and His Daughters merge, the magic of theatre happens. “A good story is a good story, no matter how you tell it”! With a kind heart, and a good sense of humour, this show is a celebration of the love between a father and his daughters. No matter what the decade or the century, “Tevye and His Daughters” and “The Little Café” are a good match!

Show Dates:

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